National Geographic Travel (Toby Harriman photo) Shared Winter Glacier Tour of Matanuska Glacier on Instagram

Toby Harriman and National Geographic Travel posted a Winter Glacier Tour on Matanauska Glacier.

We were so excited this morning to learn National Geographic Travel (Instagram handle natgeotravel) and photographer Toby Harriman featured his winter glacier tour of Matanuska Glacier on Instagram with an epic blue ice crevasse photo. Harriman explained that this year he made his first WINTER pilgrimage to the glacier, and judging by the photo and […]

A Place to Feel Normal Again

hike matanuska glacier during covid-19

Touring The Matanuska Glacier During Covid-19 For those of us who live and work out by the Matanuska Glacier, life doesn’t seem too much different since COVID-19 sent us all into lockdown. We already live sixty miles from Palmer (the nearest town with a grocery store), and on any given day we may only see […]

Glaciers Matter!

tour matanuska glacier near palmer

Life has become like a bad episode of The Twilight Zone. COVID-19 has turned the world on its head, leaving us all wondering “will things ever return to normal?” It’s easy to lose sight of simple pleasures (like nature) when you’re stuck inside, day in, day out, watching bad television, and eating boxes of mac […]

Self-Isolate in Isolation

At this point in Corona-Quarantine, people seem to need the outdoors more than ever. We are following the Alaska Governor’s Mandates by remaining six feet away from all our guests, even when in the gift shop. No more than one party at a time may enter the gift shop to complete paperwork and payment, and […]

Alaska Glacier Tours Pressure Ridges


Take an Alaska glacier tour and find our first hand what causes pressure ridges to form on a glacier. During a recent Alaska glacier tour an experienced guide led several groups on a tour of pressure ridges that formed on top of the frozen Matanuska River. What is a glacier pressure ridge? A pressure ridge […]

Wildlife on the Matanuska Glacier?

[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] One question we get asked here consistently is if we have wildlife on the glacier. Since the only plant life on the glacier is the glacier moss, there isn’t any sort of food source that would sustain animals such as moose and bear. Therefore, you wouldn’t see anything of the sort on the […]

Glacier Mice

Learn about the glaciology of the Matanuska Glacier

Glacier Mice Due to harsh conditions, cold climate, and lack of soil on the glacier’s surface, it is quite impossible for anything – even bacteria – to effectively survive and thrive. The Matanuska glacier sits between the Chugach and the Talkeetna mountain ranges, and because glaciers are ever-moving forms, it is constantly grinding away at […]

Looking for an authentic Alaskan adventure? We got you covered.

Matanuska Glacier is a fun Alaskan Adventure

Looking for an authentic Alaskan adventure? We got you covered. The Matanuska is the largest glacier accessible by car. Beginning in the northern snow and ice fields of Mount Witherspoon (12,023 feet) and Mount Marcus Baker (13,176 feet), it begins its descent from a hanging glacier to the valley floor. The Chugach mountains receive the […]