Things to do near Anchorage, Alaska

Guests display their personal art created on Matanuska Glacier, an optional activity during Alaska corporate retreats.

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska. It boasts five-star dining and hospitality while at the same time is surrounded by wildlife, breathtaking views, and adventure galore. Here are a few of our favorite things to do near Anchorage, Alaska. If you’d like an adventure, this list is for you. Alaska’s Matanuska Glacier Tour Now, […]

See Blue Ice On The Matanuska Glacier

see blue ice on the matanuska glacier in alaska

Article updated October 30, 2023 originally published: January 12, 2018 Explore the Mystical Blue Ice of Matanuska Glacier! Welcome to the heart-pounding, awe-inspiring world of glacier hiking in Alaska! I’m your expert guide, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to the extraordinary experience of exploring the breathtaking Matanuska Glacier. Are you ready for the adventure […]

Freeze Up: The Transition from Summer to Winter on the Matanuska Glacier

Article updated October 30, 2023 originally published: November 04, 2020 Matanuska Glacier Summer to Winter Transitions One of the most common questions asked of our guides is whether they prefer summer or winter on the glacier. The answer is not so simple; it’s like comparing night and day. While there are some who have a […]

Instagram Worthy Spots On The Glenn Highway

instagram worthy spots on the glenn highway in alaska

Instagram-Worthy Locations along the Glenn Highway – Discovering Alaska’s Picture-Perfect Gems Here are the top Instagrammable spots along the Glenn Highway that you must stop and see. Most can fit in a day trip between Anchorage and the Matanuska Glacier! Our experienced tour guides at the Matanuska Glacier have compiled this list of the top […]

The Snow Expires in One Week… Give or Take

Matanuska Glacier’s seasonal blanket of snow has more in common with milk than just being white. Like milk it doesn’t last long. It has an expiration date. It’ll melt away, become runoff feeding the Matanuska River leaving behind an expanse of glacial till, mud, open crevasses and new challenges and dangers for glacier travel. Not […]

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It

Matanuska Glacier by Jasmine Alley

We recently stumbled upon Jasmin Alley’s thorough and descriptive article about visiting Matanuska Glacier. A skilled travel writer, her blog post covers history, facts, directions, and just about anything you’d need to know to plan your own visit to Matanuska Glacier, to include where to procure your entrance ticket and glacier tours. Alley’s travel advice […]