Restaurants Near Matanuska Glacier

Dining Near the Matanuska Glacier in Sutton, Alaska

Enjoying the local cuisine is part of the travel experience. Alaska-grown produce, Fresh seafood, and juicy hamburgers are highlights of any road trip. Stop in and enjoy a great meal at any of these fine restaurants on your way to the Matanuska Glacier in Sutton, Alaska.

Sutton General Store & Jonesville Cafe

Address: 61 Glenn Hwy, Sutton, AK 99674 57 miles from the Matanuska Glacier on the Glenn Highway, a one-hour drive.

Website: Jonesville Cafe

Cuisine: American, hamburgers, Philly cheese steaks, fries, pizza, and much more.


Palmer Alehouse

Address: 320 E Dahlia Ave, Palmer, AK 99645 55 miles from the Matanuska Glacier, a one-hour and 10-minute drive.

Website: The Palmer Alehouse

Cuisine: American, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, local craft beers, and even a little Tex-Mex.

The palmer Alehouse is a family-friendly neighborhood pub and restaurant with a cool vibe and 44 taps of local craft beers! And it does not disappoint. A must-stop if you are craving local craft beers.


Turkey Reds

Address: 550 S Alaska St, Palmer, AK 99645, just 56 miles from the Matanuska Glacier, an hour and fifteen-minute drive.

Website: Turkey Reds

Cuisine: Mediterranean-inspired dishes. If you’re looking for fresh, wholesome food, you’ll find it at here.


Driving from Glennallen, Alaska

If you are driving west on the Glenn Highway on your way to the Matanuska Glacier these are some great places to stop and get something to eat.

Eureka Lodge Restaurant

Address: 128 Glenn Hwy, Glennallen, AK 99588, 30 minutes east of the Matanuska Glacier on the Glenn Highway.

Website: Eureka Lodge and Restaurant

Cuisine: American, hamburgers, huge variety of pies, giant cinnamon rolls and more. Home of the .25 cent coffee.


Grand View Cafe

Address: 22488 West Glenn Highway (milepost 109.7) Glacier View, Alaska 99674 a short 15 minutes from the Matanuska Glacier just east on the Glenn Highway.

Website: Grand View Café

Cuisine: American, home-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including a full espresso bar, smoothies, and beer & wine.


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