The Snow Expires in One Week… Give or Take

Matanuska Glacier’s seasonal blanket of snow has more in common with milk than just being white. Like milk it doesn’t last long. It has an expiration date. It’ll melt away, become runoff feeding the Matanuska River leaving behind an expanse of glacial till, mud, open crevasses and new challenges and dangers for glacier travel. Not far behind the snow is the ice. Each winter a solid foundation of lake and river ice along the entire face of the glacier provides visitors a level of access to explore this natural wonder unequalled in any other season. While summer glacier tours are amazing in their unique ways, only in winter can visitors be shuttled out to the glacier’s face in sleighs pulled by snowmachine, lead safely through crevasses that would otherwise be filled with water, or trekked over the glacier surface to distant, hard-to-reach features like interior ice caves. A season of incredible glacier exploration is coming to an end, the days of all-access, easy travel numbered.

Last weekend was simply glorious. A recent cold snap and snowfall helped restore conditions and extent the winter glacier tour season. Hundreds of visitor descended on Glacier View to experience for themselves why winter is often regarded as the best time of year to explore Matanuska Glacier. With solid footing and sun in the sky, they made the most of the final days of winter. Provided are a handful of images from April 2-3, 2021.

If you like what you see and don’t want to miss out on your own winter glacier tour, you may have a week, two at most, to get the full affect. Our seasonal snow and ice has a shelf life that is quickly coming to an end. We hope to see you soon!