Into the unknown: ice caves

November 14, 2017

Tour Ice Caves on Matanuska Glacier

Yet another Alaskan winter is upon us here at the Matanuska Glacier. The snow has fallen, covering the many cracks and crevasses of the glacier. With this, glacier caves are beginning to form within the ice. Caves are carved out by water running through the glacier producing one of the most popular features of an Alaskan winter. Here at the Matanuska Glacier, we are more than fortunate to see some of the most beautiful ice caves in the world.

Matanuska Glacier has many beautiful ice caves

Would you walk through this crevasse with one of our experienced glacier guides? Each tour group gets the chance to crawl through a cave and shimmy their way out of the crevasse! There is no better way to experience a glacier than to get up close and personal with it.



We have so much to offer on our tours! If you are interested in joining us head over to the contact section and give us a call. The sun has been shining and the weather has been perfect for glacier trekking so don’t miss out on the fun!