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See Blue Ice On The Matanuska Glacier

see blue ice on the matanuska glacier in alaska

Article updated October 30, 2023 originally published: January 12, 2018 Explore the Mystical Blue Ice of Matanuska Glacier! Welcome to the heart-pounding, awe-inspiring world of glacier hiking in Alaska! I’m your expert guide, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to the extraordinary experience of exploring the breathtaking Matanuska Glacier. Are you ready for the adventure […]

Freeze Up: The Transition from Summer to Winter on the Matanuska Glacier

Article updated October 30, 2023 originally published: November 04, 2020 Matanuska Glacier Summer to Winter Transitions One of the most common questions asked of our guides is whether they prefer summer or winter on the glacier. The answer is not so simple; it’s like comparing night and day. While there are some who have a […]