glacier tours near Anchorage

Are you interested in glacier tours near Anchorage?

Explore the Matanuska Glacier on foot! Our glacier tours offer a hands-on guided hike on the ancient glacier taking you to parts of the iceberg that you would otherwise be unable to experience.

Our professional guides will talk about the different glacier formations and take you to some spectacular ice carved landscapes.

Our glacial tours include:

Superb views of glacial features including water carved ice and blue ice. You will be able to walk on, feel, and drink from the glacier. Throughout the trip, guides will stop at your leisure to discuss the concepts of active glaciation and features of a glacially carved landscape.

A hike of the Matanuska Glacier is guaranteed to take your breath away!

Matanuska Glacier Adventures provides road access to the glacier, guided tours, self-guided tours and more for both summer and winter explorers.

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glacier tours near Anchorage